Friday, June 02, 2006

Streaking Through the Garden

When Jesus was crucified, he was presumably naked, or nearly so, as his clothes were divided amongst others (Matt 27:35). His body was taken down and wrapped in a clean linen cloth (Matt 27:59).

After his resurrection, the disciples went to the tomb, and saw the linen and the head piece laying there in the tomb (John 20:6-7).

Was Jesus running around the garden naked?

Did he take clothes from elsewhere (another dead body? a clothesline? one of the unconscious soldiers?)

Did he miraculously create clothing?

Did he "appear" to be wearing clothing?

I tend to favor this last item, as he was able to appear in a different form to the disciples walking to Emmaus, and he was able to pass through solid walls (indicating that his physical, raised, human body was not bound by physical constraints as ours are (and we shall be like him (1 John 3:2)! Woot!). So basically, he could think tux, or he could think jeans and a t-shirt.

I don't suppose this is terribly important, but I just found it interesting to realize that Jesus probably didn't have any clothes handy when he rose from the dead.


Nathaniel said...

I think your guess is most likely correct. For some reason, the story about The Emperor has no Clothes jumped into my head when I read this post. In this case, maybe it would be better stated The Emperor Needs no Clothes.

Anne Jones said...

Hey Kent! Now I can read all of your thoughts and ramblings :) without having to sneak into Nathaniel's email!

Chyntt said...


I would never want you to have to sneak around in other people's email just to read my ramblings. So I'll endeavor to publish them here instead.

--But is it true?!--