Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Name Changes, Part II

The name "Chyntt" has stuck. A couple of weeks ago, Nesa and I went and spent a few days with Esmé and her family. On the day we left, I picked up my Bible off the table to pack it, and I opened it. Here's the video I sent to Jenifer (who, you'll remember, started the whole thing):

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Name Changes

I got an email from Esmé the other day; in it, she referred to her friend Jenifer. I replied back to her:

And how can a Jenifer spell her name with just one "n"?! That's so, so, well, it's just not right, that's all. I think I'll start spelling my name "Chyntt".

Esmé got tickled by this, and forwarded the line on to Jenifer, who then responded with:

Please tell Chyntt to lecture my mother on this. I have been dealing with this my whole life.

So I wrote to Jenifer:

Mom!! See what you've started? You thought you were being creative with your daughter's name, but the ramifications have now spilled over and affected a man you don't even know, so that after 40-some-odd (mumble mumble) years, he's lost control of his own name. I strongly urge you to build a time-travel device and go back to rectify this situation. Else, the rift in the time-name continuum will just get larger, and soon we'll be seeing "Myke"s, "Daevid"s, and "Lue-eez"s running all over the planet. If a halt is not brought to this unnatural order of things, by the time Jenifer presents you with grandchildren, you yourself will have succumbed, and will have become "Garanmahmah". Is this really what you want?

Ever since then, I've been known as "Chyntt". So much for repairing the time-name continuum.

Westing Peacefully

Esmé told me last week that I was fat.

I knew that. Yet, because of the context of the situation, I took it to heart more deeply.

Accordingly, I've given up on elevators (at least for the first 3 floors, and maybe 4 -- haven't yet decided) in favor of using the stairs. I might also make other changes, but I'm going to see how well I do with just this one change first.

The power of a woman. Awesome.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Eye Appointment

So about 2:30pm, I was in the Chemistry department, in the Foster Science building, talking to some of the faculty. Shortly thereafter I toted a PC down to the bottom floor workroom and set it up; as long as I was on that floor I went around the corner to the men's room. From there I went back upstairs and poked my head in Autumn's office to speak to her. From there I went to my office over in Zellner and did some paperwork. Shortly thereafter I checked my email, and there was the reminder I had forgotten about; my eye exam. And I only had 4 minutes to get there, and with no vehicle, as Nesa had it.

Well, long story short, I called and they said "come on", so I found transportation, and wound up getting there about 3:30. The girl at the front desk checked me in, then had me wait in the waiting room. Another girl then called me into a pre-exam room, where she used those blow-in-your-eyes machines, etc, and then she sent me back to the waiting room. Then the doc came out and took me to her exam room.

I sat down in the exam chair, briefly looked down, and at that time decided, "Hmm, reckon I better zip up my pants."


And I thought old age only meant leaving your turn-signal on as you drive down the freeway.