Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Words

I just watched the Woody Allen film "Anything Else", with Christina Ricci. I don't think I've ever watched a Woody Allen film that I really liked. They're all just, anh, okay.

And I've always wanted to like Christina Ricci. I fell in love with her as Wednesday Addams in the first Addams Family movie; she was so ... dark, in a comedic sort of way. I loved her line, "Are these Girl Scout cookies made from real Girl Scouts?" (perhaps not exact; I'm going on memory and I've only seen it once, and that a long time ago). And sometimes I do like her, such as in "Pumpkinhead". But usually, she's just a little, um, trampy, or something. And I suspect she's that way in real life. It's really sad. I wonder how many child stars in Hollywood wind up burning up their lives by the time they're twenty. Take Mary Kate and Ashley for example, or even Hillary Duff. Sigh.

Anyway, back to "Anything Else". Like I've said, the movie was okay, but I really enjoyed all the new words that Woody Allen's character used. I was stunned to hear so many words I did not know. I'll be looking them up in the next couple of days, and plan to use them in my next few blogs.

Or maybe not; I just tried looking up the first word, hebetudinous, in, and came up empty. Perhaps I'm misspelling it, or perhaps it's a made-up word. Oh, well, I'll try harder when it's not so late.

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