Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lucy!! Ju got some 'splainin' to do!

Someone please explain to me why I have to blog the most boring details of my life . . .

Today I played chauffeur for Mom, Dad, and Dad's sister, Leta. I drove them to Lipan, where lives Mom's sister, Billie, and Billie's two sons Lane and Jerry, with their respective families. I visited with Lane a few minutes, then Dad and Leta and I went on, leaving Mom at Billie's; they were going to join up with their third sister, Jewel, and spend some time together.

Dad and Leta and I went on to Granbury. Granbury High School, from whence Dad graduated in 1947, was having a multi-class reunion, and Dad wanted to stop in and speak to some of his friends. He didn't have time to stay for the whole thing, as we had a trip to Fort Worth planned, but he did get in a few minutes of visiting. Before going to the reunion, he had me drive to the private house of one of his class-mates who is stuck at home with health issues (connected to an O2 tank, etc) so he could visit with him briefly. Dad later talked to this man's wife at the reunion, and told her he had stopped, and she was very glad for that, saying that he needed that visit. When Dad told us about this later, Leta mentioned that maybe a few others had stopped in likewise, but I think we all doubted that. Dad gave voice to that doubt, and said something to the effect of "People tend to be wrapped up in their own little capsules." Just before he said that, I was thinking that his actions served as an example to me, and that I spend way too little time thinking about other people; once he said that, it struck me that, yes, I'm in my own little capsule. "Self-contained" is the way I've expressed it before.

On the one hand, self-containment is good, as it means I'm not draining those around me by being needy towards them (well, except to my friends whom I need to send long, rambling emails to); on the other, so much of Christianity is supposed to be about looking out for the other person's benefit. I'm a horrible failure at that. It was good to get this reminder today. (Not that it'll make a difference, sadly, I'm afraid.)

After leaving Granbury, we went on to Fort Worth. The traffic was not bad, as FW traffic goes, but wow! I sure don't miss it.

We did a quick drive-by of Mom and Dad's old house. Other than a new privacy fence having been erected all around, it looked pretty much the same.

Then we went on to the nursing home where Dad's mom is. She's 103 and six months. She doesn't know a lot any more, but she recognizes and knows me every time I go. I kindda wish I would've had my guitar, and would've been able to just plink a bit while sitting next to her. But, in hindsight, it wouldn't have done any good, as she's only slightly less deaf than a post.

She complained about "what a hell" she's living in. I told her that yes, it's bad; that's just the way things are sometimes, but that it's temporary, and it'll get better. She asked how it'll get better, and as I held her hand, I told her that Jesus would give her a new body, and she'd be young, and strong, and vibrant. I have no idea how much of the message she heard, how much she'd comprehend, or how much she'd believe. But I think she could at least tell that I was making human contact with her; she glistened up in her eyes, but later Dad asked if she had teared up when I left (a minute or two after they had already left the room), so I reckon that's a normal response for her, and probably doesn't mean anything. Still, I'm glad I've been able to visit her a few times since she's gone into the home. I wish I could provide more of what she needed (just having a family member nearby, etc).

Speaking of nursing homes, Nesa's mom, Cherry, has deteriorated significantly in the past two days. She's been moved into the hospice wing, and the folks there are giving her a few days up to a few weeks.

I so look forward to when we can really understand, no, when we can SEE, the truth of the phrase, "Oh Death, where is your sting?"

From the nursing home, we went to KFC (a fast-food chicken eatery here in the States, formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken), where we met my sister Candy for lunch. Candy lives there in Fort Worth.

So it was good to see Grannie, and it was good to see Candy.

Then we headed back to Lipan, where we picked up Mom, then back to Abilene.

And that pretty much was my day.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Big Brother,
I really don't think being "self-contained" is the same as "being in your own little capsule." It seems to me that being self-contained would be having confidence in yourself and being able to handle things in life pretty much own your own (of course not leaving God out). And being in your own little capsule is more like being self-centered and maybe even needy. I admire the way you are "self-contained" and one of MY goals is to become self-contained. I don't think you are all that much in your own little capsule or you wouldn't be aware of these things you have discussed here.
Your Little Sister