Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ding-Dongs have Shrunk

Anybody else notice that Hostess Ding-Dongs have really shrunk?

When they went bankrupt last year, I thought I had had my last Ding-Dong. Too bad, as I've maintained for years that Big Red and a Ding-Dong comprise the breakfast of champions.

Then when Hostess made a resurrection, I happily looked for Ding-Dongs on the store shelves. I found Twinkies and Cup Cakes, but not Ding-Dongs.

Finally, I started seeing Ding-Dongs on the shelves, and I bought a couple of boxes.

When I opened them, I was a little disappointed to notice that the snack cake had shrunk a little bit, but understanding something of the need for cutting back on expenses, I chose to be understanding, and to accept the change.

Then a few boxes later, I noticed the individual packing had changed, such that instead of a blank white plastic wrap, it was now a white plastic wrap with the red Hostess logo patterned onto it.

But as soon as I had one of the individual packages in my hand, I strongly suspected the new packaging was an attempt to distract the buyer from the real change -- the snack cake is now about half the size it was prior to the bankruptcy.

I'll finish my current box of Ding-Dongs, but if my now-planned future purchasing pattern is any indication of Hostess' fortunes, the treat-maker will soon be facing another bankruptcy.

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