Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Expression of the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God's love. The greatest spiritual gift is love, not tongues, prophecy, faith, hope, but love. When you truly receive the Spirit of God, you will receive the spirit of agape love. This is how we know who belongs to God, this is our identity, the love we have one for another.

We are 2,000 years removed from the book of Acts, to say modern apostolics are the same is ludicrous. We can't imagine life 100 years ago, none the less 2,000 years ago. I went to CLC, I have deep roots in Pentecostalism, and can tell you emotionalism is not a move of God. A move of God is a move of love. When you can love others unconditionally outside of your own tribe and receive them without condition as Christ did, then you truly have the Holy Spirit living within.

-- Steven Cantu

I am not one to restrict God from giving "miraculous" gifts in the modern day (despite my upbringing which insists those disappeared once the "perfect" arrived).

But I'm also well aware that there's typically a lot of emotion involved in assemblies wherein such activities take place, and I'm willing to concede that much of the action therein may be attributed to emotionalism. I'm not saying it's all emotionalism; I'm saying emotionalism can explain much of what I see, without saying it does explain much of what I see.

Having said that, Cantu makes a great point above in his quote, and I thought it was worth sharing.