Monday, September 17, 2007

To Ding-Dong

Well, I had a Ding-Dong yesterday. It wasn't that good (although it wasn't bad). It's not that I loved Ding-Dongs in the past so much as it was that they were a very quick and easy sate-the-munchies snack.

As I contemplated sating my breakfast-munchies yesterday morning with a Ding-Dong (see previous blog entry for the background on this Ding-Dong issue), I prayed and asked God if I should or shouldn't. Perhaps as a response, perhaps as my own internal logic fell into place (which also is a gift of God - Praise Yah!), the thought coalesced that "All foods are created by God" (kind of a mish-mash of Mark 7:19 and I Tim 4:3). (Then came the thought, "Even junk like Ding-Dongs?") Then came the thought that whatever significance is attached to eating Ding-Dongs is placed there by myself, so ultimately the decision is mine. I then thought that a year was a sufficient "honor" to the person for whom I stopped eating Ding-Dongs, and decided that although I would not become a one-or-two-Ding-Dong-a-day person again, neither was I going to turn my avoidance of Ding-Dongs into a rule. (I have one such rule, and that is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is stupidity in a bottle, just itching to make a fool out of you.)

So I had a Ding-Dong. It was anti-climatic, and the flavor was just slightly unappealing (wouldn't a ripe black plum have been good?).

Just one more step in "letting it go" (thanks for the song, Treecee!).

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