Saturday, September 15, 2007

Evolution Requires New Genetic Information

I often point out how evolution requires the creation of new genetic information, from the non-existence of information in a rock to the minimal information in an amoeba to the very complex genetic information in a human. For example, I said this just recently in the second half of my last blog entry.

Just now I came across a blog entry over at Evolution News and Views which has a YouTube video clip of the most popular living atheist, Richard Dawkins, stumbling and failing to answer this issue of where new genetic information comes from. Here's a portion of a quote from the article, which in turn quotes what Phillip Johnson had to say about this clip:
Phillip Johnson described this interview as follows: "In response to the question, Dawkins hesitated for at least eleven seconds, an agonizingly long time in the context of a video interview, before he finally gave a completely irrelevant reply about the transition between fish and amphibians. The creationists were ecstatic. As they saw it, Richard Dawkins--the world's most prominent Darwinist--was so completely flummoxed by their most important question that he had to duck it." (Phillip Johnson, The Wedge of Truth, pgs. 39-40)
The short three-paragraph article is worth reading; go do so now. You can watch the 2-minute video clip there, or here:

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