Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Political Background Behind Jesus' Execution

If you have any interest in history, particularly the political background behind the execution of Yahshua, Bill Heroman has an excellent synopsis over at his blog under Jesus & Herod Antipas. Go read it. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:
If anyone other than Tiberius Caesar had been Emperor in those days, the Lord Jesus Christ might not have been crucified! He might have been beheaded.
History happens very slowly. Most big things usually take years. In Italy, Tiberius retired. Sejanus plotted and died. Agrippa learned about a secret alliance. Macro & Caligula plotted against Caligula's brother and mom. Meanwhile, in Israel, a teenager danced for Antipas. The old Tetrarch beheaded the Baptizer. And Jesus got to spend the better part of two years in Judea, which had stayed closed to him for so long. But that’s far from all…

Because of all this, Jesus was not beheaded. Because of Sejanus and Macro, Antipas and Tiberius, Agrippa, Agrippina and Caligula, the Sanhedrin and Salome… the Lord Jesus Christ died on a Cross.

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Bill said...

Thanks, Kent. If you happen to know any professional bible or history scholars, please send them to my post as well. That post is compltely accurate to the best of my knowledge, and yet - naturally - I'm looking to get some validation and/or critique on the finer details. So tell your friends! :)