Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Church that Fits

I just read an article on the American phenomenon of "cowboy churches", churches which are set in a rural environ, perhaps in a barn or under a tree, perhaps with the congregants on horseback ("sermon on the mount", anyone?), with folks dressed in traditional cowboy garb, and singing country/folk-style songs.

For traditionalists, such a break from the norm seems almost sacrilegious, but as I read the article, along with the hints/revelations the Lord has given me over the past couple of years about how "people are different from one another", it struck me that perhaps there's a time and a place for church assemblies that may be vastly different from that to which I'm accustomed.

And then I read a statement by one of the leaders of one of these types of churches which really resonated with me. The article relates:
"The cowboy church works because we are people who like to ride and also worship the Lord," he said. "So it fits who we are. But I'm sure people up in the city sure must think it's weird."
"So it fits who we are."

Perhaps it's time for the church to realize that "one size does not fit all".

(Note: I'm not arguing for violating the pattern of the New Testament church; I am saying that what we consider as the pattern may very well be narrower than the actual New Testament pattern.)

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Bill said...

I like what you're getting at, Kent. I don't think God's view of church was for believers to gather only with those who have similar hobbies. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with doing that, too. :)

I also think the NT "pattern" has certain ways in which it seems very consistent, and other ways in which things varied quite a bit. Every NT church was unique in many respects, but had certain other elements in common as well.

But as long as our brothers and sisters in christ can gather together and worship Him, I won't say anything against it, wherever and however they're doing so. :)

Thanks for the post.