Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Give God the Glory!

What's wrong with saying "Praise God!" when something good happens?

What's wrong with saying "The Lord led me to make such-and-such decision"?

What's wrong with giving God the credit for the happenings in our lives?

It seems to me that the first-century church had this attitude of ascribing all sorts of "natural events" to the working of God. Is it not unBiblical when we divorce natural events from God's hands?

And the "conservative" brethren answer: "But neither can we claim to know when God has done such-and-such, or that God has spoken to us, when we 'know' He doesn't do that in the modern-day."

Okay, but how about a little balance then? Must we have such divorcement between natural events and the actions of God? Or can we maybe get a little closer back to the Biblical view of "seeing" God in everything happening around us?

Balance. We humans, including me, don't seem to be very good at that, do we?

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