Saturday, December 10, 2011

Surprising Realizations

* The Bible does not say that Jesus fell while carrying the cross.

* Abraham's wife, Sarah, was protected from the sexual advances of Abimelech. Why aren't other women so protected? Perhaps because it was important that Sarah be the mate of only Abraham in order to be the mother of The Promise?

* The popular song says, "We bow down, and we crown you the king", but really, there is no scriptural indication of anyone but God ever crowning Jesus as king. Humanly-speaking, we can crown him king of our own lives, but it's not a scriptural phraseology.


Sheri said...

Sarah was also Abraham's half sister. In fact, there are several generations in a row of what we would call inbreeding or incest, starting with Abe & Sarah. Their next two generations at least were married to first cousins.

Chyntt said...

And, apparently Acts 2 took place at the lodging place of the 120 disciples, not at the Temple.