Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hershey's Chocolate Air Delight Kisses

Mmm, the TV advert makes them seem so wonderful; let me go spend my money to buy half the chocolate at the same price.

Oh, wait. Half the chocolate? For the same taste? And the same price? Am I being manipulated by marketing?

Well, if I were to buy this product, yes, yes I would be. But I'm not falling for it.

Marketers. Pfft.


Eugene said...

Although I do not care nearly as much about chocolate as does my wife I feel the need to comment positively about the idea of "airifying" it. Why? Because I am a baker by trade and there is no demand for unleavened bread which overshadows the sale of fluffy air filled loaves of a wide variety of delicious breads; French baguettes, Italian loaf, Artisan miche, Rye and get the idea. I am NOT saying that there is not a demand for unleavened bread, there obviously is for tortillas such as to make the burritos which I love so much. Also, on Passover there may be a heightened interest in flatbreads of this nature, especially in Jewish communities. What I AM saying is that this demand for flatbread in no way overtakes, overshadows or even comes close to challenging the great demand for 'fluffy' goodness and not just in breads but other things as well. Air in water makes soda! Air in mallow makes marshmallow! Air in shoes, Air Jordan! Would you use a rock for a pillow? How would chocolate not also be improved by such craftsmanship?

Chyntt said...

You make a good case, although I'm not sure it applies here; depends entirely on the user experience, and for me, it seems that chocolate-lovers would prefer more chocolate to fluffy chocolate; I could be wrong.

We should ask your wife; she's the chocolate lover here.... :-)

Eugene said...

To be sure, I do understand your point exactly and thought the same thing, at first anyway, pound for pound. If it's the same chocolate, Hershey's no less, then how could less chocolate be better than more chocolate? But then I began to think of what gives it, or anything else, any value at all. Is it the weight of substance that has value? Or, is the thought and craftsmanship that goes into something of greater value? Well, I suppose that the weight of something does have something to do with it in a dollar per pound sort of way. Your point is that this is greatly in favor of the manufacturer, Hershey's, because they are giving you less actual product for the same money and advertising to that affect, which makes no sense. How is less worth the same or maybe even more? But then I realized that this was materialistic. Of course, as a business interested in increasing their profit margin you think that this is Hershey's plan to do just that. In this I am sure that you are quite correct in your assessment.
But then I began to look at the non-materialistic side of it, even if it has nothing to do specifically with chocolate or Hershey's Kisses. How much is something worth pound for pound? How could I measure by weight my daughter's words when I leave for work as she whispers, "I love you Daddy" in my ear? How much does that weigh? Certainly more than a pound of chocolate...much, much more indeed! What does this have to do with Air Chocolate? I'm not really sure. Guess I'll have to ask my wife about it but then I'd have to bring her some to try and alas, the dubious marketing scheme which you have questioned will have worked in the end...on me at least.

Chyntt said...

I sense that God has gifted you with wisdom, or mayhaps discernment. At any rate, I believe He has blessed me through your eyesight, giving me pause to appreciate what I see with eyes that see beyond what I see. I appreciate your comments! Thanks!

Sheri said...

It seems obvious to me that the only way to resolve this vicious argument is with scientific experimentation. Send me multiple samples of the two types of chocolate and I will do a taste test in various locations, at various times, different atmospheric conditions, different altitudes, etc. A continuous supply would allow me to ascertain if the test results hold during different seasons of the year. This could take decades of research, but given the immense importance of this information, I! Must! Sacrifice!