Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Size Does Not Fit All

His favorite topics are all about God and Creation.... His eyes light up and he gets this smile that curls at the corners of his lips, and suddenly, like a little kid, the tiredness melts away and he becomes ageless and hardly able to contain himself. But at the same time, Mack is not very religious. He seems to have a love/hate relationship with Religion, and maybe even with the God that he suspects is brooding, distant, and aloof. ... [H]e is not too comfortable [at church].

Mack has been married to Nan for just more than thirty-three mostly happy years. He says she saved his life and paid a high price to do it. ... Common sense comes so naturally to Nan that she can't even see it for the gift it is.


While Mack's relationship with God is wide, Nan's is deep.
Foreward to "The Shack", William P. Young.

Once again, I'm struck that relationships with God do not necessarily have to look exactly like the relationship I have with God.

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