Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Heroes" in Real Life

Got stem cells? Scientists have found a source of multipotent stem cells right on the cell walls of blood vessels. Science Daily reported that these adult stem cells apparently have the “unlimited potential to differentiate into human tissues such as bone, cartilage and muscle.” Advances in regenerative medicine are within sight with this discovery. One researcher described what may be soon be possible: “These cells can be extracted easily and painlessly from convenient sources such as fat tissue, dental pulp, umbilical cord and placental tissue, then grown in culture to large numbers and, possibly, re-injected into the patient to heal a broken bone, a failing joint or an injured muscle.” The ingredients have been right inside you all along.
Some of us techs at work tend to have lunch together at the office, and lately we've been watching the TV series "Heroes". In this show, one of the main characters, Claire, has the ability to instantly heal from almost any wound. The show's characters/narrator/storyline attribute this to Darwinian evolution, via a mutation in her genetic makeup that has essentially evolved her into the next plane of human evolution.

The blurb above seems to indicate this to be (more or less) a real possibility.

I do not attribute the capability to a mutation which has crept into our bodies over millions of years, but rather to a design built into us by our Creator. It may be that before the Fall, we had automatic regeneration capabilities (much like some lizards can regenerate their tails, etc), and that after the Fall we mutated that ability out of ourselves, with the effect becoming even more pronounced in the centuries after the Flood when the rate of such harmful mutations may have increased with massive changes in our environment resulting from that Flood.

So far, we've seen lots of evidence of "downward evolutionary" changes (AIDs, anyone?), but we've seen very scattered and questionable (if any, bona fide,) "upward evolutionary" changes. The mass media, such as "Heroes", tries to indoctrinate us with the idea that evolution is an upward process ("we're improving"), but I think the evidence better supports the idea that evolution (so-called) is a downward process ("we're degrading"). It's only our knowledge/technology that has allowed us in recent decades to recoup some of what we've lost over the millenia.

I'm excited by the idea that God has designed us with the ability to regenerate our health, and that even though the mechanism may have become broken, there's still enough pieces left intact that we might can jury-rig the mechanism to make our lives better. Praise Yah!

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