Friday, June 20, 2008

Gravity is so 20th Century

Salvador Cordova has found a documentary on YouTube that is fascinating. Basically, in the past few decades, Plasma Cosmology has started making inroads into supplanting the standard cosmological theory that is based on gravity (which is the basis for modern science's understanding of the universe, including the Big Bang, etc).

Ever since Newton, it has been believed that the earth revolves around the sun because of gravity, and that gravity explains all the other movements in the heavens.

Plasma Cosmology suggests that gravity is not the dominant force, but rather electricity, and electricity's attendant magnetic fields.

Once the concept was presented to me, it clicked. It makes sense. (On a related note, this highlights how that an entire culture can be blind to something very obvious until someone happens to notice that obvious something and points it out.)

Plasma Cosmology explains many things that gravity-based cosmologies fail to explain. The four less-than-10-minute videos on Cordova's blog discuss comets and black holes and filament-structures and historical references to Venus as being a comet, etc. Well worth viewing if you have any interest in this sort of thing.

I'm sure there are weaknesses in the theory, and that this documentary has some things wrong, but still, it's an education that well-informed people need.

Go watch it at

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michael christian said...

Great post about an important subject. I just finished reading a book on this topic, The Electric Sun by Donald E. Scott, which is what dredw me to this blog. I'm going to watch the videos now, and looking forward to them.