Friday, May 09, 2008

A "Winning Strategy" for Teaching Science

Paul Nelson writes:
Here's an example. Natural selection, as Darwin discovered, explains the origin of biological complexity, novelty, and innovation. There's a stock phrase that populates any number of official statements about evolution. One could utter that statement in any biology classroom around the USA, and no one would blink. You know: Darwin found the process by which new structures evolved, where they did not exist before.

Now here's the opening argument from a research paper I happen to be reading this week, from the evolutionary theoretician Armin Moczek (2008):
Given its importance and pervasiveness, the processes underlying evolutionary innovation are, however, remarkably poorly understood, which leaves us at a surprising conundrum: while biologists have made great progress over the past century and a half in understanding how existing traits diversify, we have made relatively little progress in understanding how novel traits come into being in the first place.
What happens to the credibility of the science establishment -- on the subject of the bona fides of standard evolutionary theory -- when "Darwin already explained that, put your hand down" comes into contact with "Well, we don't really know?"

Not letting the kids talk about it...there's a winning strategy.
In other words, while the mouthpieces for the scientific establishment keep insisting that there's no reason to question that Evolution has created all of Life as we know it, the actual scientists who do the lab and field work are forced to admit that Evolution explains variations-on-a-theme, but does not explain how the "theme" got there in the first place.

The latter view is consistent with the story of the Bible, with the claims of Creationists (both Old Earth Creationists (OECs) and Young Earth Creationists (YECs)), with the claims of Intelligent Design (ID) theorists, and with everyday observation and experience. It seems that the "On the Origin Of Species"-thumpers are the only ones who refuse to face reality.

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