Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Understanding God? I don't think so.

Mystery and wonder must pervade human perception of God's goodness. Contradictions and inconsistencies are part and parcel of God and his mysteries.
I used to believe that the Bible, the life and teachings of Jesus, the doctrines of the first century church, were understandable. The more time I spend in the Word of God, the more I realize that the above quotation is true. Even Jesus himself said things like, "I'm teaching in parables so that they won't understand" (Luke 8:10, etc).

And although it's frustrating to my Western mindset, I have to admit, once you get past the false idea that such an idea devalues the concept of inspiration or of the "simplicity" of the Gospel, it does add to the grandeur of the things of God. As the above writer continues:
All attempts to systematize God will fall short. Stand in amazement. Wonder in awe.
Brad H. Young, Jesus the Jewish Theologian, Hendrickson Publishers, Inc., Peabody, Mass., 1995. Pg. 273.

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