Thursday, December 13, 2007

Be Jewish, III

A couple of interesting tidbits about olive trees, as related by Marvin R. Wilson in his book, Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith:

1. "Gethsemane", as in the Garden of, means "olive press". So really the Garden of Gethsemane means "the olive press garden".

2. "Very old olive trees often have tender young shoots which spring up around the roots. This sight doubtless prompted the psalmist to speak of children being 'like olive shoots' around the table of the home (Ps. 128:3)". (Wilson, pg 13)

3. Olive trees outlive most other fruit trees, and have "remarkably sturdy" roots, suitable for thriving in hot, dry, rocky soil.

4. Olives were eaten, or for making olive oil, which was "used for cooking, for lamps, for ceremonial anointing, and for healing the sick". (Wilson, pg 14)

5. "Olive wood was used for construction purposes, including part of the Solomonic Temple". (Wilson, pg 14)

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