Sunday, December 04, 2016

Why Do I "Go to 'Church'"?

A question was recently asked on Facebook: Why do you "go to 'church'"?

Here's my answer:

The "church" is designed as an alternative to the community of the world, as a different "nation" than the nation of USA or the nation of Mexico or the nation of France, etc.

If you lived in England but wanted to be a USA citizen, and you went through all the necessary process to do so, and then refused to live in the USA, what kind of USA citizen would you be?

A lousy one.

I can be committed to God without necessarily being committed to the kingdom of God (from "outside"), but I can't be a good citizen of the kingdom of God without being committed to that kingdom's community.

God doesn't tell us to "go to church to worship me" (the reason most of us have been taught since childhood for attending); rather, he tells us, over and over to, "be involved with one another; teach one another; encourage one another; bear one another's burdens; share with one another; love one another".

When you're alone, you can worship God. But when you're alone, you can't be one-another-ing.

Right now, "going to church" offers very little personal value to me, and often "costs" me something (not sleeping in; feeling more discouraged after attending than before; being bored; etc), and it would be easy to "skip church". But if I skipped, I'd essentially be saying "I'm not even going to try".

I can't control how the assembly goes; but I can control whether I go to assembly. And God told us to "go to assembly", not to worship him, but to "one another" each other. Whether the one-anothering actually happens is beyond my control in many respects, but I *can* control whether or not I'm there, available for one-another-ing.

And that's why I "go to 'church'".

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sarbash.s said...

Good reasoning, thank you, brother.
You encourage me because last few years I've the same direction of thought.
I'm seeking to serve somebody needy for my gift of grace than anything else.

God bless and greetings from Russia.