Friday, September 18, 2015

Meanings of Names in the Genealogy of Genesis Chapter 5

I just saw an article which intrigued me, so I did my own research on the claims of the article. I googled "meaning of names [$NAME]", where[$NAME} was replaced by each of the names of the patriarchs as listed in the genealogy of Genesis chapter 5, and here are the results I scribbled down:
  • Adam - of the red earth, red, man, earthman
  • Seth - appointed, anointed, compensation
  • Enosh - mortal
  • Kenan - buyer, owner, possession
  • Mahalalel - the blessed God
  • Jared - ruling, commanding, coming down, he who descended
  • Enoch - dedicated, trained
  • Methuselah - death, man of a dart, he shall send his death, when he is dead it shall be sent
  • Lamech - a strong youth, to make low, striker down, wild man
  • Noah - comfort, long-lived, repose, rest
It's interesting that if you take the numbers in this genealogy at face-value (and I do), Methuselah died in the year of the Flood. Could it be that his father, in naming him, prophesied by God's Spirit that when Methuselah died, the Flood would hit the earth? Interesting.

And just as interesting....

Look at the story told by the name-meanings:

An anointed Man, appointed as a compensation, made mortal, the buyer (redeemer) / owner, the blessed God / ruler, descended, dedicated to death, when impaled with darts to his death, then the one who started out strong but was made low, the wild man, will receive comfort, long-life, and rest.

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