Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ding-Dongs have Shrunk

Anybody else notice that Hostess Ding-Dongs have really shrunk?

When they went bankrupt last year, I thought I had had my last Ding-Dong. Too bad, as I've maintained for years that Big Red and a Ding-Dong comprise the breakfast of champions.

Then when Hostess made a resurrection, I happily looked for Ding-Dongs on the store shelves. I found Twinkies and Cup Cakes, but not Ding-Dongs.

Finally, I started seeing Ding-Dongs on the shelves, and I bought a couple of boxes.

When I opened them, I was a little disappointed to notice that the snack cake had shrunk a little bit, but understanding something of the need for cutting back on expenses, I chose to be understanding, and to accept the change.

Then a few boxes later, I noticed the individual packing had changed, such that instead of a blank white plastic wrap, it was now a white plastic wrap with the red Hostess logo patterned onto it.

But as soon as I had one of the individual packages in my hand, I strongly suspected the new packaging was an attempt to distract the buyer from the real change -- the snack cake is now about half the size it was prior to the bankruptcy.

I'll finish my current box of Ding-Dongs, but if my now-planned future purchasing pattern is any indication of Hostess' fortunes, the treat-maker will soon be facing another bankruptcy.

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Sheri said...

Okay trying this comment a second time: Before the bankruptcy, Hostess products were delivered fresh to my store every day but Sunday. Now they are shipped to our store frozen once or twice a week. The original Hostess company does not exist anymore; a different company purchased the name and the recipes. There is no way it is the same quality of product if it's being delivered frozen instead of fresh.

Sheri said...

I got to thinking, are you sure your ding dongs are smaller. Maybe they only look smaller because your belly got bigger from eating them? Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

They used to be the size of a hockey puck now they're the size of a golf ball ripoff

Anonymous said...

Just eating some now and that was the first thing I thought as I opened the package. I remember when they were wrapped in tin foil. Then they were wrapped in an all-white packaging. Now it's the see-through material. Not too long ago, the boxes were 17 oz. Now it is 12.7.

88MilesPerHr said...

I miss the original size! Also, the foil wrap was better.

Since they're now half the size, they need to rebrand just as 'Dings' or perhaps, DANG! These things,shrunk!

Dang Dongs. 😣

Sandra Holguin said...

They are much smaller than before. Not the same Ding Dog at all.