Tuesday, January 01, 2013


It was in the closing comments of the Aflred Hitchcock episode, "Vicious Circle" (Season 2, Episode 29 - you can watch it on Netflix, maybe YouTube). I believe the word he used was "divertismal". I can't find the word online, except on one site that uses it in a similar fashion. I take it to be roughly synonymous with "diversion".

Anyone can help me find the word?


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Sheri said...


All I could find was a definition of "divert" which includes 1."to turn a person aside from a course" 2. "to distract" and 3. "to amuse". I think this word is turning the word "divert" from a verb to a noun and then from a noun to an adjective. So, starting from the action of diverting, to a thing that diverts, to describing a thing as being something that would tend to divert someone. "My son's divertismal video games prevented him from getting his homework done."