Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the meaning of the word "Repent"

  • most common Greek word translated as "repent" in NT is metanoeo (other common word is metamelomai). From meta (change, alter) and noeo (perceive, understand). Etymologically, the word means "change your mind". But word meanings can change (think "football" (as in American football), which refers to a non-ball shaped "ball" that is mostly handled by hand rather than by foot). (Extra credit: Where in the Bible is discussed the throwing of a ball?)
  • does not simply mean "change of mind" in all contexts. Contextually, it might mean:
    • change your mind
      • Luke 16:30-31 repent = convince
      • Luke 17:3-4 repent = a claim of change without the actual change of action
      • Acts 8:22 repent = thought in heart
      • Acts 17:29-30 repent = turning from ignorance, from thinking divinity is like gold, silver, stone, man-made image
      • Rev 2:15-16 repent = letting go of a certain teaching
    • change your mind to such an extent that you change your life
      • Matt 3:8 & Luke 3:8 & Acts 26:20 repentance demonstrated by deeds
    • change your actions
      • 2 Cor 12:21 repent from evil works
      • Rev 2:20-22 repent of her immoral ways
      • Rev 9:20-21 repent of murders, etc
      • Rev 16:9-11 repent of what they had done
    • other similar meanings within the word's semantic range of meaning?

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