Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Church Website

Well I finally got around to registering a domain name for the church website. I went though ($17/year; a bit more expensive than some, but I've been advised that they provide good service).

A friend is actually providing the hosting space, and has arranged for me to have a point-and-click interface for the site, using Joomla.

Setting up Joomla is requiring a large learning curve on my part, but once it's set up the way I want, I believe maintaining it will be a snap, and I will be able to turn the day-to-day upkeep of the site to the elders and preacher and office staff (adding articles, recordings, announcements, etc).

It's in a very rough format now (did I mention a steep learning curve?), but I'm hoping to have it in reasonable form for demonstrating to the men at the Men's Breakfast this Saturday. (Yes, I'm "hoping", but I don't really have expectation that my learning will get me there by then. Bummer. Any Joomla experts out there that want to lend a hand?)

The site can be visited at: .

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