Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some Notes from a Conference I Recently Attended

I can not vouch for the accuracy of any statements below; these are just items I heard at the conference that I thought were worth jotting down.


"Satan only counterfeits that which is real."

"God's wired us differently."

God is --
  • Invisible
  • Spirit
  • from another dimension ("heavenly places", "things unseen")
  • /favors dwelling in people rather than in places
  • very creative
    • humanity is his favorite medium
    • "Human beings are vandalized works of art."
    • "If we go to the Telescope, the Microscope, or the Mirror, it ought to lead us to worship."
    • "Eph. 2 - we're called 'God's Masterpiece'"
  • Almighty
  • Personal
In John 12, God spoke, and there were three types of responses depending on the "tuning" of the listeners:
  • some heard God's voice
  • some heard a divine voice (angel)
  • some heard thunder

"How can we restore experience to our lives?"
"There comes a point when 'being right' is not enough."

Tame a Wild Horse <-----------> Raise a Dead Mule
. . (Pentecostal) <------------------> (Evangelical)

Jesus said, "The scriptures do not give you Life -- they bring you to me, and I give you Life." -- John 5:39

I've often been "enamored with the written word / oblivious to the Living Word".

"Jesus performed most miracles, not via his divinity, but via his spirit-filled humanity."

"Earnestly desire...", not "Be open to..." spiritual gifts - 1 Cor. 14:1

See It
Hear It
Feel It
Know It
Speak It

Spiritual gifts are not an evidence of being spiritual. The fruit of the spirit is the evidence of being spiritual.

And then the next morning at church, in a completely different venue, it was pointed out that we were commanded to "take and eat" the Lord's Supper, not to "take and understand" the Lord's Supper.

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