Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Eye Appointment

So about 2:30pm, I was in the Chemistry department, in the Foster Science building, talking to some of the faculty. Shortly thereafter I toted a PC down to the bottom floor workroom and set it up; as long as I was on that floor I went around the corner to the men's room. From there I went back upstairs and poked my head in Autumn's office to speak to her. From there I went to my office over in Zellner and did some paperwork. Shortly thereafter I checked my email, and there was the reminder I had forgotten about; my eye exam. And I only had 4 minutes to get there, and with no vehicle, as Nesa had it.

Well, long story short, I called and they said "come on", so I found transportation, and wound up getting there about 3:30. The girl at the front desk checked me in, then had me wait in the waiting room. Another girl then called me into a pre-exam room, where she used those blow-in-your-eyes machines, etc, and then she sent me back to the waiting room. Then the doc came out and took me to her exam room.

I sat down in the exam chair, briefly looked down, and at that time decided, "Hmm, reckon I better zip up my pants."


And I thought old age only meant leaving your turn-signal on as you drive down the freeway.

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